Mario Juarez Period 10


Most requirements for being a Psychologist are graduating high school and either having their Master degree or Ph.D.

Skill Requirements

  • Being an active listener
  • Critical thinker
  • Judgement and Decision making.

Job Outlook/Growth

From 2010-2020, its estimated that the job growth will go up from 20%-28%

With an employment of 154,000 in 2010.

Related Jobs

School Psychologist, Marriage/ Family Therapists, Mental Health Psychologist

Career Details


$32.64 hourly, $67,880 annual (2010)

Work Schedule

If you decide to work with a hospital or an employment place, you will have to work certain hours. If you decide to self-employ your-self, with your own personal private therapy practice with your own flexible hours.

Work Locations

Hospitals, Schools.


To listen and help with other peoples problems. Be nice and catch signs.