by: Jordan Beeson

Adding and Subtracting

Step 1: First you find a common denominator. (a number they both have in common)

Step 2: Then you add or subtract the numerators.

Step 3: You simplify the fraction and you get your answer.

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Step1: If there is a mixed number turn the mixed number to an improper fraction.

Step2: You simplify your fractions.

Step 3: You multiply top and top and bottom and bottom.

Step 4: If there was a mixed number in the problem then turn the improper fraction into a mixed number.


Step 1: You turn your mixed numbers into improper fractions if you have any.

Step 2: You keep the first number, change the division sign into a multiplication sign,and flip the second fraction around.

Step 3: If you had any mixed numbers change your answer to a mixed number.