What Will The Future Hold?

Canada- Our country in 2060

Introducing...Present-day Canadian demography!

Canada is the second largest country in the world with 9,984,670 square km of land. As of now, it has a low birth rate, low death rate, high immigration rate and a high dependency load. All of these things fall under the Canadian Demography. Why do we need to know? Well, sooner than latter we'll all grow older and have families and responsibilities. Now, you'll need to know the dependency load because it would help you figure out how many people are looking for or have jobs. So, why is our demography so important? Read to find out
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Canada: As of Now

Lets talk about Canada's immigration situation first. Canada brings over around 250,000 immigrants each year (tourists, students and illegal immigrants not included) . Our main sources of immigrants come from China, India and the Philippines who take up around 1/3 of the overall amount of immigrants. Of Canada's overall population, immigrants take up almost 1% of that. Right now, because of the war, a large source of immigrants are coming from Syria.

Now, onto Canadian demography. Canada has an average birth rate of around 10.29 births per 1000 population. It is also said that there are approximately 1.61 children per women. In 2008, it was around 1.68 children per women meaning the number of births are decreasing. Why is this happening? Well, now a days, women are picking up the trend of working and are less adamant on having children because of the financial aid needed to keep them healthy and educated. Back in the 1900s, children used to be of aid because they used to live on farms and the more children there are, the more hands to help. To some people, they are now a burden to couples because they cost a lot to keep alive and they need parental aid. That means that they may need to leave work for awhile, and to some people that's a big no-no.

Canada's death rate is roughly 8.31 deaths per 1000 population. The death rate is considerably low because back then people had less immunity. As the generations pass, new diseases are introduced and the immunity level increases for the newer generations. For example, 80 years ago, a cold could have been deadly because it was something new to there bodies. There's also the baby boomers who are now fulfilling there lives with entertaining or educational vacations and trips at the elderly ages of 51-69. They are the result of the surviving men that wanted to have families after World War II. These baby boomers are making wonderful use of there old age and are staying as active and healthy as they can.

Of course we cant forget the Aboriginals, the people that built Canada up from centuries ago. The aboriginals are made up of three different groups. First Nations, Metis and Inuit. The First Nations are people who are status Aboriginals. To be of status means to be considered a First Nation by the government. Metis people are a mixed group. So for example, if a European and a First Nation had children, there children are a mix so, therefore are Metis. The Inuit people are the aboriginals of the arctic. The first nations have a high death rate because most were sent to residential schools and were abused which then lead to death. The birth rate is high because, I would think, more aboriginals are trying to keep there traditions alive in the hearts of there children even if there parents didn't have that choice as children themselves.

Infer: Canada in 2060

In my opinion, the birth rate is going to change drastically. Most of the children wont be born here because women are now into business and aren't thinking about having children. I also believe that the elderly (around the age of 40) will be the ones having children because that's when most people retire from work. Think about it. I'm a 24 year old women that thinks I'm too young to get married and have children. I want to have a career that I build from scratch and I want to prove to men that women aren't just there to take care of their children, I want to prove that women are just as equal as men. While girl-power isn't bad, too much of it is. Its like anything else. For example, pepper tastes good with some foods, but too much of it is overpowering. Then, when I'm 30, I decide to get married. I still don't want to settle down though, I want to leave a mark in Canadian history. Now I'm 40 and decide that I want to have an heir to the throne that I've built( its too good to go). That's when I realize I probably cant because I'm too old. I wont have enough energy to take care of the child. That's when I realize... I'm too old. So you see, that's pretty much the gist of it. If women are thinking like this now, no one will be born here. They'll all be immigrants.

The death rate will lower some. I believe that the newer generations will have a higher immunity level(and if not they have technology)because as each generation passes, they take the immunity that the older generation had, and they develop a more advanced immunity based on the older generation's. For example, in the 1900s a cold could have been deadly and is now just an nuisance. Now our bodies are close to being immune because the generation before has prepared our bodies to adjust to the issue that causes us harm. Also, in the years to come, technology will be more developed and there will be more medical assistance.

The natural increase rate wont really change because now the birth rate is higher and the death rate is higher, so it keeps the natural increase rate low. Now if the birth rate lowers and the death rate lowers, you have a very insignificantly changed natural increase rate.


This video shows some predictions made by researchers on what they think Canada will look like in the year 2063.
What Canada will look like in 2063

Immigration to Canada in 2060

The immigration origin will only slightly change because of the demography changes in other countries. Instead of the origins being India, China, Syria and the Philippines, it will be China, and most middle eastern countries. The reason for this is because slowly, the Middle East is being put into tight situations such as war, intense heat waves and a lot of pollution. This will eventually rot the land of any of its fertility and they will only be importing and not exporting. Eventually, people are going to get bored of not having any of the wonderful things grown in the Middle East. China will remain a large source of immigration because of its overflowing population. If china keeps producing this many people, it will have to merge with another country that is less populated or they'll have to move people to mars, as NASA is researching the ability to survive on mars.

I believe that the immigration rate will increase immensely. It seems that Canadians have stopped thinking about children and are more focused on there careers, this means that there are not going to be many children and the population wont grow to the economical advantage. So, how are we going to support our selves if there is no one to sell the products we so hardly worked on to? The answer is in the beginning of this paragraph, immigrants. If over half of Canada decides that they don't want to have children, then its up to the immigrants to save our butts from going bankrupt and from not having a new generation to pass our knowledge onto.

Push and Pull factors

Some push factors for the Middle East could be:

  • war
  • poverty
  • insufficient plumbing
  • unfertile soil for crops
  • overexerting heat waves
  • overpopulated

Some pull factors to Canada could be:

  • less crowded
  • better soil for farming
  • safety for refugees
  • usually exceptionally cold especially in winter
  • less polluted

Some push factors for China could be:

  • overpopulated
  • only allowed one child allowed for each family
  • limited employment
  • extreme amounts of pollution

Some pull factors to Canada could be:

  • less pollution
  • multiple children needed
  • less populated

These things can seem insignificant, but can actually make a big impact on the countries overtime.

A Better or Worse Future for the Aboriginals?

The aboriginals have a dark past. A past with residential schools were they were abused, a past with having to face the fact that people have come to steal their land and a past of multiple generations were they lost the traditions they embedded into their children. Now, they are fighting to regain what they had lost. Who are we to deny them? Yet here we are, having denied them of freedom of traditional right. They were here first! Why do we get to take it from them? The thing is, we don't. I believe that, with the help of the people who see the truth of these peoples past and place here, the aboriginals will have the freedom that they have always fought for. If people were informed of the things these people went through, if they knew the hardships they had to bare through, they'd agree to this. I know how the aboriginals feel. Not being able to go to my home country because a group of people decided that it was okay to take what was ours to begin with is harsh. If there was no war, I'd probably be living in Ramallah, Palestine right now. Its what they teach us when were kids, don't steal from the other kids because it will create problems and then they'll get mad and want revenge, yada, yada, yada. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that we all deserve to be able to stay where we want without being afraid of getting forced out. So I do believe that the Aboriginals deserve to get back what they lost.

Sorry, the audio would not work so I did it in text form. I hope it's alright.

In 2060, I will be 59 years old. By then, I would probably have children AND grandchildren.

I would have also retired by then. Although I'm not sure what job I will end up doing but, for now, I am interested in the field of science. Me and my family would have a pretty stable life (that's what I hope for.) Picturing my life 50 years later is pretty hard because I've never even considered what might happen after I graduate high school. Do I go to university? Preferably McMasters. Who do I get married to? Am I still living in Canada after 50 years? Have I weakened due to age or am I one of those people who stay in shape even at such an old age. Guess, I 'll have to wait and find out.....

Are YOU ready for everything to change?

All in all, the demography that Canada has now will completely change in 2060. How? Well, I just wrote a whole story explaining everything. The future is only something we can guess of, but we will never know for sure. There are multiple curve balls that the world is sure to us. But we always have a choice. To change Canada's future and to change the world's.