Grade Level PLC


Super Heroes,

Can you believe the 5th 6 weeks are almost over?! Where has the school year gone?

As we are closing our school year strong with effective instruction, let's continue self-reflecting on our own practice! It's only through effective differentiated quality instruction that our students succeed on reaching their academic goals!

We will be meeting tomorrow Thursday 3/26 to discuss the next self-reflection TORSH assignment.

During this meeting we will review the rigor area, which we will be focusing in for the TORSH assignment. The task will challenge each other to improve our high order questioning, which will lead our scholars to reach Advanced Thinking Levels, and academic growth.

Come prepared with a concept (TEKS) that you are teaching next week. You may bring a draft of your lesson plans (LOs, DOLs). With these, we will create some questions that can be implemented next week by using the Bloom's Taxonomy flip-chart.

Items to bring:

  • Laptop with access to TORSH:
  • TEKS for next week (or curriculum plan)
  • Draft of lesson plans (if ready) that include LOs & DOLs
  • High Order Thinking booklet that you received on the 2/20 PD day (flip-chart with Bloom's Taxonomy questions)

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Thanks! See you tomorrow during your planning period at the library :D