"The Selection" Kiera Cass

A "Royally" Good Time!

Welcome to the Palace of Illea!

Come visit the Castle of Illea and take a tour with America Schreave, Queen of Illea, Maxon Schreave, King of Illea and Marlee Woods, married to former Officer Woods.

Peaceful Walks Through the Garden

Take a tour of the castle gardens with Marlee Woods. Enjoy the fresh smell of roses, lilies, tulips and trees with blossoms. Take a break and relax with the peacefulness of this beautiful garden. Marlee Woods would love to have your company!
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The Ballroom

Maxon is a great dancer, and he would be so grateful to demonstrate a waltz with his lovely wife, America. Have a wonderful time in the expansive ballroom with a lovely orchestra, beautiful decorations, and refreshing drinks served best for our glorious guests!

The Girls Room

All you ladies, come and join us for tea with Mrs. America Schreave and Marlee Woods in the Girls Room. Sit in the chairs where many queens have sat, drink the smooth, warm, fresh tea and let your stress fly away.
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Interviews About the Palace

King Maxon of Ilea, what is your favorite place in the palace and why?

My favorite place in my palace would have to be the garden. I love this place because it is where I first fell in love with America. She kicked her way out for some fresh air, literally, but I have some wonderful memories with America in the garden.

Queen America of Illea, what is your favorite place in the palace and why? Is it also what your husband likes?

Well, my favorite place in the palace would have to be the Ballroom. I had my first dance with Maxon there and I may have left a few bruises to prove it. I love the ballroom also because during some occasions, I would play my violin along with the orchestra.

Mrs. Marlee Woods, which part of the palace was your favorite when you were in the Selection?

My favorite place in the whole palace would have to be the Girls Room. I loved talking with my best friend, America, there and during the Selection we would always wonder who King Maxon was favoring. I also loved having talks with Queen Amber before the rebels came and killed her. She was an inspiration to all.