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Welcome Back!

Dear Hector Middle School and High School Families:

We know that you need information to make the best decisions for your family and your students for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. We want to give you the most accurate, detailed information possible and hope this newsletter will answer most of the questions you may have. As you know, the circumstances surrounding the start of the 2020-2021 school year are unprecedented and uncertain. Our Hector School District Administrators and Board members are working hard each day to plan for the coming year; however, decisions we make today could possibly change tomorrow because of state regulations that are out of our control.

Our goal is to provide a high-quality instructional program for all students while implementing good safety practices recommended by the Hector School District, the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), and the CDC to keep students and staff safe and healthy.

This year we have 2 learning options:

1. Full in-person instruction, 5 days per week. These students attending in-person instruction may have to pivot to online instruction for a period of time if necessary, as a response to illness of staff and/or students,

2. Full Virtual Learning


At this time, we are still planning on starting August 24, 2020, with full-day, in-person instruction, 5 days per week. Here is what our school is doing to best prepare for your children starting school:


  • Middle School Students will go to the cafeteria when they first arrive to the school.
  • High School Students will go to the front grounds on most days. In the event of bad weather, they will go to the gym.


  • Maximizing physical space; eliminating extra furniture and materials that are not essential
  • Ensure social distancing when at all possible
  • Masks will be required in the hallways and anytime social distancing cannot be achieved.
  • Lunch: staggered seating and staggered start times. At this time, visitors will not be able to eat lunch on campus.


  • PARENTS, by sending your child(ren) to school you are verifying that he/she/they do not exhibit any of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, muscle aches and headache, chills or runny nose.
  • Remain home if any of these symptoms are present.
  • Temperatures WILL NOT be taken at school as a procedure for all students and staff.


  • Families' daily screening verification.
  • Hand hygiene: Sanitizing stations will be available and students will be encouraged to use frequently.
  • Lockers will not be used this year. Students will be able to carry their backpacks and supplies to their classrooms.
  • Water bottle filling stations have been purchased and will be placed in each building since the water fountains will be capped for safety. Send a water bottle with your student, and please make sure their name is on it.
  • 5th and 6th grade students will still have Physical Activity classes daily.
  • Regarding Masks- All of our staff will be required to wear masks when working with students and in the classroom, if they cannot maintain a 6-foot distance from them. All 5th - 12th grade students will be required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be achieved.
  • An isolation room is required for sick students at school showing symptoms (located in the nurse's station). The student will be removed from class with symptoms, sent to the isolation room, and a phone call will be made to the parent and the student will be sent home. More will come later defining communication and procedures for sick students and staff, removal, and re-entry.
  • We have a health clinic on-site with ARcare. Please call 501-322-2009 if you would like to register your child. Some of the things this telehealth service can treat right on-site include allergies and sinus problems, asthma, bronchitis, cold and flu, ear infections, bladder and kidney infections, sprains, pink eye, and much more.


  • Increased cleaning each day by teachers and custodians. Teachers will sanitize rooms when students are at activity, lunch, and recess. Custodians will use a fogging cleaning system three times a week in each classroom and building in addition to their daily before and after school cleaning.
  • Right now, we cannot allow volunteers or visitors in the school. However, we can talk to you by phone and video. If you are checking out your student early or bringing them to school late, you will be allowed only in the main office to sign your child in, and you must wear a mask.
  • Field trips will be virtual only.
  • COVID point of contact is the school nurse.


  • Devices have been purchased for all 5 -12 students.
  • Investigating online instruction (Lincoln Learning) will occur daily in the classroom. This will be necessary to prepare students for possible quarantine periods of time.
  • Some families have opted for full virtual instruction. If you wish to sign up your child for the Virtual Academy, please go to the following link and complete the information by August 14:
  • If the students attending on-site instruction do have to go to virtual learning for a period of time, and if your family does not have Internet at home, the school will set up Wi-Fi hot-spots throughout our community that you can then drive to and your child can use. These hot-spots will be shared with you at those times.


  • We have added 2 more buses to our bus routes, making it possible to have students more socially distanced on the buses.
  • The buses will be sanitized after each route.
  • Students riding buses will be assigned seats by family members.
  • Per state mandate, all students riding a bus will be required to wear a mask.



  • The school district is providing all K-12 students their school supplies this year.
  • We do ask that your child brings a water bottle and a backpack. Please make sure their names are on their personal items.

CLASS Schedules:

We will be mailing home your child's class schedule. It should arrive the week before classes begin.


  • This year, only 5th grade will be having an Open House for families to attend. This will be held on August 20th from 6-7pm in the cafeteria.


Please welcome our new staff:

  • 5th-7th Social Studies- Jeff Proctor
  • 7th-8th Math and Coaching- Tyler Gililland
  • 7th-9th English- Dakota Fruechting
  • Agri- Andy Treat
  • 9th-12th Social Studies- John Riley
  • 8th-9th Science- Wyatt Reid
  • Band- David Gaston

We are doing everything possible to have a safe and successful school year. We appreciate your patience and support during this time. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Go Wildcats!

Ryan Riley, High School Principal

Chris Taylor, Middle School Principal