Post-Modem of 8th grade Daniel

Daniel Mayfield

Who I Am

  • cunning
  • upbeat
  • vigorous
  • passionate
  • cordial
  • energetic
  • sizable
  • muscular
  • creative
  • imaginative.


  • sports
  • shooting
  • hanging out with my friends
Hardest Hits in College Football - Top 30 (2014-15')

Video Signifing Me

I am very good at football. I am also a pretty good student.

Biggest Influences on Me

  • Parents
  • Whole family
  • Teachers
Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

Audio Feature

The genre I like the most is country. And my favorite song is Boys of Fall, by Kenny Chesney.
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Poem Describing Me

This poem suits me because it shows that I am not good at everythig. I didnt go into sports and become the super star right off the bat. I had to practice and get stonger each and very day. And thats why i believe this poems fits me.

Quote in the book Wonder, written by R.J Palacio

"Dont judge a boy by his face." This describes me because I dont judge people on how they look. I judge them on how they act and their actions.

Places I Have Been

I have been to Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, and my birthplace, Germany. I want to go back to these places because they remind me of where i used to live. I want too go back and have the same, good memories i had back then. Visitng the castles, eating the food, and hanging out with some of my old friends.

Questions About me

  • What are my aspirations? I would like to be a sports commentator when I grow up.
  • What philosophies do I hold? Hard work pays off. Eating healthy is good for you. And You should always be thankful for what you receive.
  • What do I love/hate? I love sports, my family, and my pets. I dont like cleaning my room, i hate missing school, and i hate being away from my family.
  • What is my work ethic? I give 100%
  • What conflict made me who I am? I DON'T KNOW.
  • What are my relations with my friends/family? Great. I'm glad I moved to Anna because i have new friends.
  • What do I hide? I dont hide anyhthing. I just put it out there the way I see it.
  • What brings me pain? What do I fear? The loss of a pet or family member.
  • What brings me joy or happiness? Playing sports, hanging out with my family, and playing with my friends.
  • What makes me laugh? myself, I'm ticklish, and when people tell good jokes.