Friday Focus

September 26, 2014

Fall is upon us!

Heading into the Fall Season we have the school year in full swing! Students and staff did a great job dealing with the hot days the first few weeks of school. I am so impressed with the great effort and cooperation of your faculty, staff, and students. I have made an effort to be visible and accessible within each of your buildings, and have observed some great learning opportunities and collaboration. The other obvious occurrence is the great partnerships with parents and community to provide a quality education. I am so thankful for the supports you provide our teacher and students!

Happy Friday!


Edison Prep College and Career Center

I want to take this opportunity to highlight the College and Career Center at Edison Prep. What a great way to provide a variety of resources for college and career planning. This is a place where students can come to obtain information on two and four year colleges and universities, testing and test preparation, financial aid and scholarships, career possibilities and college majors descriptions. A special S/O to Edison Prep on building a comprehensive college-going culture for all students!

Central High School Students attend College Day at OSU!

A special S/O to Ms. Davis at Central HS for providing the opportunity for students to explore what life could be like after high school...well done!

Work Habit Rubric

I had an opportunity to Visit with Mrs. McAnany this week regarding the "Work Habit Rubric." I am seeking input from leaders in this the portfolio regarding this document. We are exploring the possibility of replacing the current comment section associated with Power School with the "Work Habit Rubric" to minimize confusion and provide meaningful feedback. I welcome your comments, thoughts, or suggestions.

Subtle Reminders

1. ACTION REQUIRED: Update your 2nd Order Change Goal on Searchsoft if you haven't done so. Please send me an e-mail once completed.

2. ACTION REQUIRED: Please send me Outlook invites for the following: weekly whole staff meetings, weekly team meetings, early release meetings, PTA meetings, informational nights, etc...

3.ACTION REQUIRED: Please add me to your "all faculty" list-serve, if you haven't already done so.


John Harbaugh discusses servant leadership...can you relate this to our profession?

The Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh Discusses Servant Leadership
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Don't lose sight of the FIVE buckets...

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Keep these elements on your radar...

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Upcoming Tests

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