Sand Dollars

Genius Hour

Sand Dollars can be many different colors!

Sand Dollars can be many different colors,like purple,white,blue,gray,black,green.

They are a very unique sea creature!

Sand dollar is a very unique animal. You will be impressed if

you touch and see it directly. Most sand dollars that you can find on the beach have symmetrical body. It’s hard to believe, but this flat and round-shaped creature is designed for burrowing in the sand. Their bodies are covered with tiny spines (similar to a sea urchin’s spines but super small) that they use to dig.

Some questions I would like to know.

Why do sand dollars live in water?

Where did sand dollars get their designs?

Do they have eyes? and where?

all about them

Sand Dollars are closely related to Sea Urchins, Starfish and Sea Cucumbers. Sand Dollar tends to feast on medium to large size fish, mainly Dogfish Sharks.Sometimes a sand dollar “chews” its food for 15 minutes before swallowing it. Sometimes it takes two days for the food to digest.A living sand dollar is covered with fine spines and appears velvety. A dead one is smooth, without any spines, and the details of skeleton can be seen more clearly. Large storms can cause mass killing of sand dollars in shallow-water, burying them in deep sand or washing them onto the beach in large numbers where they are destroyed.
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