Come see the massive and beautiful Victoria Falls

The Basics

2 Physical Characteristics

Victoria Falls and The Great Dyke are two characteristics of Zimbabwe that are very vast and beautiful let alone extravagant.

How to Fit In


Shona is the most widely spoken language in Zimbabwe, followed by Ndebele, and English. There are also 13 other minor language in this wonderful country


Artists, Agriculture, Divorce is Rare, Most people ARE married. These are just a few normal activities and instances that are known as normal in Zimbabwe


Taboos in Zimbabwe are very food related. People did not use to eat eggs especially women because it was a belief in their culture that eggs cause infertility in women. They also do not eat any animals that are represented on a totem.


The Zimbabwean's value many things but a few consist of the Zimbabwe Bird (African Fish Eagle) and Agriculture. The bird is represented on there flag and agriculture is present in nearly a three-quarters of the country

Digging Deeper Into Culture


There are many subcultures in Zimbabwe but a few are Protestant, and Roman Catholic on a religion based aspect. Non religion based include the fact that jobs are most times decided on gender

Culture Landscape

Tengenenge in Guvure District holds many events for the country of Zimbabwe. Here there are many things to do such as schooling, sculpting and many things to do with art!

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion

Evidence of cultural diffusion include trade, competition, and they have many organizations. Many people think countries in Africa are very different from the U.S or other countries but in many ways they are also alike. These few things show you that Zimbabwean culture include these things just like many other places do.

Evidence of Culture Change

College Enrollment used to be very low in the country of Zimbabwe. Lately the number or attending college student has began to increase tremendously.

Brady Vogt

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