The Amazing Town of Gumbopolis!

Come On Down!

Popular Activities!

Go on outer space adventures without leaving the ground at the Gumbopolis Planetarium! Ride space shuttle, and zero-gravity simulators! Meet a real astronaut and learn about life among the stars! Eat real space food in our out-of-this-world cafe! Do this and much more at the Gumbopolis Planetarium! Bring your whole family! Here, there is an adventure for everyone!

Memory Lane

After your many thrills at the Gumbopolis Planetarium, take a slow and easy stroll down "Memory Lane". View some of the worlds oldest and newest buildings here at Gumbopolis! Learn about a usual day of a real architect! Draw your own designs for buildings and build them with "Beginner's Tools". Get your dream building design actually built by submitting it into the "Architects of Tomorrow" competition! Bring the whole family along because there is no age limit for knowledge and creativity.


After a fast-paced day filled with excitement and fun, take a load off and watch a few plays! Visit our Theaterama and watch the most popular plays of all time! The fun isn't over yet!
Are you a great actor/actress who just loves to perform in front of an audience? If so, visit our "Future Celebs" theater where you can perform anything from a written play to improv! We've got plays of all sorts and plays are meant to be watched! So come on down!

Come On Down to Gumbopolis! Where Fun, is Just the Beginning!