5th Grade Rocks

November 15, 2015


Looks like some snow, but no fear, we'll still have a great time. Last year it actually sleeted and then snowed, but we still had fun. Make sure to have kids wear snow boots to school because they will not get another chance to put them on until dinnertime. Bring a pair of tennis shoes in their bag just in case it doesn't snow. Bring lots of layers! Last year, I wore my long underwear, jeans, shirt, sweatshirt, and ski coat. Ski coats are great because they are waterproof, and pack some extra socks. I've linked the Balarat packing list here.

Esperanza Rising

We finished the book last week, and now it's time for the literary analysis. After Thanksgiving, we will practice writing a literary analysis using a paragraph, but their unit test will ask them to write a 3 paragraph essay about Esperanza Rising. Make sure the kiddos have the books every day. We are still finding evidence in the text to support our inferences.

Young Ameritowne

I'm not sure that I've seen such enthusiastic candidates. I think we have some politicians among us. Congratulations to Lily Crawford with the help of her campaign team is our newly elected judge. Tomorrow students will have to interview for a job at Ameritowne. Thank you to our parents that have volunteered to be the interviewers. December 2nd is fast approaching!