Is This Justice?

By Chase Hunt and Jenish Patel

What are Jim Crow Laws?

Jim Crow Laws are local and state laws that enforced racial segregation in the southern United States. Basically it means that the black and whites in the south could not interact with each other. The blacks were considered to be the outsiders, not needed, and had no purpose to be treated equally. The whites had a better life style than most blacks.

Blacks couldn't go to the same bathroom, couldn't go to the same stores, and there was many more discriminated laws which the blacks must follow.

Forced To Obey!

What did they have to go through?

There were many laws the blacks had to follow in order to stay out of trouble.

Here are a few.

1. Blacks were not allowed to show public affection toward one another in public, especially kissing, because it offended whites.

2. If a black person rode in a car driven by a white person, the black person sat in the back seat or the back of a truck

3. A black male could not offer his hand ( to shake hands) with a white male because it implied being socially equal. obviously, a black male could not offer his hand or any other part of his body to a white women, because he risked being accused of rape.

This was just a few of the many unequal laws that they were forced to obey. The Jim Crow laws were a way to show that the whites did not want the blacks to have what they had.

Editors letter - Jenish Patel

Jim crow laws are very unfair to the other races beside white. It's not fair that races beside whites should be treated different just because they aren't white. If whites had such a problem they shouldn't have brought the other races for slavery mostly black(african american). At least now those laws are gone but everyone is treated equally.