GT Professional Development

Professional Development for GT Update Hours

New format for GT Update Hours!

GT Update Hours are in Eduphoria and ready for you!

The format is new for the spring semester. Each class will be 1 1/2 hours long. You can choose which three classes to attend to earn your 6 hours of update credit. You choose the classes that are relevant to you. Each class that is currently scheduled in Eduphoria, under the Gifted and Talented section, is listed below.

GT Strategies Implementation Workshop 24879

Pre-requisite- Must have attended at least 2 of the GT workshops in January.

This workshop will allow the participants to implement some of the previously learned strategies into their specific curriculum.

February 11th, 4:30 - 6

Florence Elem. Library

What Would You Like to Learn to Help GT Students?

If you would like to request any specific topics of learning for yourself, in regards to leading GT students through their learning, please click here to be directed to a google form. There you can request topics for future GT professional development.