all about me

When I was born

It was thankgiving and my mom was 9 months pregant .Then her water broke they rushed her to the hospitle and then i was born a little bundle of joy i looked so cute i had little fingers and little toes i had no hair when i was born some kids are born with hair but i was bald and i grew up to be an awesome young lady and i have so many friends and good family that help me get trough life and thats why i love them so much

When i was growing up

When i was two i got bitten by a spider it crawled into my diper and bit me i had to go to the hospital because i was bitten by a black spider i dont know the name of the spider but it almost killed me i was in the hospital for a while untill i felt better after the spider bite really hurt.

going to school

when i was 5 i first started prek at the school limberg elementary my dad at first got confused about my schudule but then he figured it out.the first day of school i loved it it was so fun my teacher mrs heart she was so good with kids and always had a smile on her face i loved her

Im getting older

Before i new it i was getting older . Well now i am 11 years old and i am in 6 grade . 6 grade i a little hard but , im doing really well. And my birthday is in 2 months and i am so happy.Thats my life  good luck bye.