Social Studies Visual Essay- Sparta

By Sydney Samuel, and Joey Buono


There were two major city states in Ancient Greece. Athens. They were known education and a strong democracy. Sparta was known for their oligarchy and war. They were city states. City states are a small group of people that believe in the same religion and etc. Sparta was a stronger and more well rounded city state and we have proof to prove it. We know that Sparta is better because they had a better government, they had a strong education, and also everyone in the city state benefited and everyone was equal.

Government in Sparta

Government In Sparta was much more fair than Athenian government. Women in Sparta had gotten rights to vote and even had a right to choose their husbands. But the women wouldn't see them for long because they all focused on war. War was a major piece of Sparta and even some women had to participate in the wars. Ever since the kids were about 7 years old they started training camp. Training camp was were the people would practice for the next war. In Sparta the form of government was an oligarchy. Oligarchy means rule by few people. In Sparta this was the case because they had a group of 28 people called the elders. But even if they had made something like a voting decision, the oligarchy may take it down. In Sparta they had the most fertile land so they never traded. They used huge iron blocks for money so that nobody would ever have a chance to steal it.

Education in Sparta

Education in Sparta was not like schools today. In Sparta boys and girls were sent to a strict school at 7 years old. In this school kids were not taught academics but they were taught military rules. Kids when they were 16-18 years old they went straight to war. So they needed practice. In this school they learned how to go to war but the richer kids that could afford it got to learn about academics. The goal to the Spartans was to accomplish great power in war. To the Athenians their goal was to train kids from an early age with academics. If the babies were not fit to go to training camps then they would get thrown off of a cliff and they would get fed to the wild animals.

The people that benefited most

Everyone in Sparta had a job to do. The males in the females in Sparta trained and got ready for war. Other females stayed and prepared houses for different wars. Also there were a group of people in Sparta called the elders. This was a group of older man who decided what to try and do with the government. There were 28 people in the group of elders. Even the poor people in Sparta still contributed. They worked as farmers and they got the crops for the people in Sparta. Some Pros about the people are they were united, they had a strong government, and they produced lots of crops. Some cons about the people were they didn't get a lot of education, and that they didn't have as strong of a government as Athens.


We know that Sparta is better because they had a better government, they had a strong education, and also everyone in the city state benefited and everyone was equal. Sparta was a lot different than Athens in good and bad. People in Sparta believed in war but people in Athens believed in education. Kids in Athens were taught to use academics. But Spartan kids were taught about war. Sparta was a better overall city state because government, the education and the people.