Learn how to read fractions

If you want to learn how to read fractions first off it is halves. If you see the half picture it looks across half or up and down. So, you can color in 2 or 1 with halves because it is 1 half. Only if you had I more. Halves are easy to some not to all I agreed with the people who think halves are hard. It was hard when you first learned it. It was so confusing but again it got easier because my brain is like. CLINK! I get it now so don't quit if you don't get it because I didn't even get it.

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Watch this video

Watch this video and you will learn it better then I have told you (laughs). It also tells you about quarters, wholes and halves. I think it's for beginners.
Stage 1 Maths - Wholes, Halves and Quarters

Did you learn anything? (watch video if you haven't).

If you did leave a comment of something you have learned. If you didn't watch over because it will help. If you didn't and you don't care I have worked hard to do this and I really want to help you guys learn because if you learn you will get smart and the smarter you get the better.

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