First Grade Newsletter

Week of September 9-13, 2019

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Welcome to our weekly newsletter! This newsletter will be sent out every Monday in your teacher's weekly email. Please be sure to read it thoroughly as this will be our main source of communication to you about all things First Grade! We hope you find this resource helpful!

What is my child learning this week?

Sight Words: that, if, go, come

Word Work: -at, -an Family

Writing: Writing a small moment story, using punctuation

Reading: Using schema to understand stories, identifying the character, beginning, middle, and end of a story, text to self connections

Math: Grouping objects to count faster

Science: Classifying matter by their properties

Social Studies: George Washington

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PTO Membership Drive

This week, PTO is launching our membership drive for the 2019-2020 school year with a grade level contest. Here are the details on how you can enter the contest:

Visit our website at and complete the online membership form along with your $25 household membership payment before the end of the school day (2:50 pm) on September 13th.


Fill out the membership form, attach your cash or check, and return it to your child's teacher no later than the end of the school day (2:50 pm) on September 13th.

**When filling out your membership information please include all children you have attending Folsom, along with their grade level.**

If you have already joined PTO, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Please know that your membership will still be counted towards your child's class total.

IT’S REALLY THAT SIMPLE!!! Once you have completed the form you can feel satisfied in knowing that you have helped support your child, your individual child's class, and your child's school all in about 5 minutes time!!

Now for the fun part...the REWARD!!!

The grade level with the most PTO memberships by the end of school (2:50 pm) on September 13th will win extra recess & popsicles for their whole grade!!

**If your child's class does not win the extra recess/popsicle membership drive, they are still winners because your membership money supports their 2 yearly parties (please note we do not collect additional party funds); their grade level t-shirts; and teacher mini grants which support their teacher’s classroom.

The winners will be announced at Friday Folsom Live on 9/27.

Thank you again for supporting Folsom Elementary and our PTO!!

Important Note about Transportation Changes

ALL transportation changes need to be made through Polly in the front office. If there is a change please notify the front office by no later than 2:15. Please do not email your child's teacher! We are no longer able to accept transportation changes by email, and we don't usually have time to check our email during the school day. Notifying the front office will ensure that your child goes home the correct way!

Our Counselor, Mrs. Winchester Needs Your Help!

Please help us to best meet the needs of the Folsom families by completing the survey below. This will allow our Parent Education Committee to plan parent education opportunities to support our community.

Elementary Counseling Survey

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Do you want to volunteer this year?

If so, you must complete a yearly volunteer background check! We love to have helpers at school for the following things: lunch helper, copy mom, field trip chaperone, and classroom helper. We recommend you do it now, even if you don't plan to volunteer until later in the year. Then it's done!

First Grade Lunch Helper's Needed

First Grade would like one parent helper to volunteer during our lunch time. Your job would be to stand in the lunch line and help students make their food choices in a timely manner, then help supervise the students at their tables during lunch time. Please click on the link below to sign up!

Copy Mom's Needed

If you are interested in helping teachers out with their copies every Thursday, please use the link below to sign-up.

Copy Mom Sign Up

Arrival and Dismissal

Where does my child go in the morning?

Starting after Labor Day, we will be allowing students to play on the small playground for 15 minutes in the morning from 7:15am-7:30am one day each week. We are always looking to find ways to allow students additional time to play and be active! When students arrive, they will drop their backpacks off in their typical morning location and then head outside. We will follow the schedule below and start communicating this to the students during morning announcements next week. We will continue this for the remainder of the school year.

Tuesday - Kinder and 1st

Wednesday - 2nd and 3rd

Thursday - 4th and 5th


What if my student doesn't want to play outside?

No worries! Teachers will still be on duty in their typical morning arrival location if they wish to stay inside.

What is my child arrives at 7:20am, can they still play for 10 minutes?

Yes, of course! Even if they only have a few minutes, we want them to take advantage of that time.

What if it's raining or inclement weather?

We will continue to follow the same weather guidelines that we do for any outside activity. We will always communicate to the students if they will not be allowed outside for whatever reason as they arrive and ensure they go to the appropriate location.

Will there be teachers outside monitoring?


Ultimately, we are hoping this will be an activity they look forward to and gives them time to just be "kids". Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

AM Drop Off

- Students can begin arriving to school at 6:45am. If your child is arriving to school before 7:15am, they will enter the side doors between the Gym and the Cafeteria.

- Parents, please use the Kinder/bus loop before 7:15am. All other doors will be locked until 7:15am to ensure the safety of our students and staff. At 7:15am the front and back main doors will be unlocked.

- Both the front and back of the school can be utilized during 7:15am-7:45am depending on the direction you are coming from on Somerville Drive. Kinder will continue to utilize the bus loop by the Gym/Cafeteria.

*If you have a student in Kinder AND a student in the upper grade, please utilize the Kinder car line for drop off.

PM Pick Up

- We will continue to dismiss A-L in the front and M-Z in the back, with Kinder dismissing at the bus loop.

*If you have a student in Kinder and a student in an upper grade, they will both be dismissed from the Kinder car line.

-Parents must have the school provided car tag to pick up their student.


- Walkers will be dismissed through THREE designated locations. We have added a new location. Walkers will be dismissed through the Gym, Music Room and West Entrance.

- Walkers MUST utilize the crosswalks with crossing guards.

- K-1 students will not be allowed to walk home alone. If you would like your child to walk home with an older sibling and/or neighbor, please fill out a permission slip at Meet the Teacher.

-Parents picking up their student and walking home must have the school provided car tag.

New Visitor Badge System and Procedures

Over the summer, all Prosper ISD schools installed a new visitor badge system to further ensure the safety of our students and staff throughout the school day. Please keep in mind the following for the upcoming school year.

- All visitors will have to re-scan their driver's license at the beginning of the school year. We recommend coming throughout the day at a convenient time for you prior to our first school event.

- All visitors will have to show their driver's license at the front vestibule window, and will only be allowed to enter the front office once they have a visitor badge. This will occur each time you visit Folsom.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to make changes to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Lunch Information

Lunch Schedule

Kinder - 10:15 am

1st Grade - 10:45 am

2nd Grade - 11:15 am

4th Grade - 11:45 am

5th Grade - 12:15 pm

3rd Grade - 12:45 pm

Lunch Visitors

We ask that you please not visit during lunch until after Labor Day. This will allow your student to have plenty of time to become familiar with lunch time procedures and develop friendships!

Lunch Accounts

Did you notice your child may have purchased a lot of "extras" or ice cream in the cafeteria line this week? If you would like to make restrictions to your child's account, please fill out this form. The form can also be found on the Prosper ISD Website, Parent tab, Child Nutrition tab, and then Meal Restriction tab.

Dismissal Reminders

- We will continue to dismiss A-L in the front and M-Z in the back, with Kinder dismissing at the bus loop.

*If you have a student in Kinder and a student in an upper grade, they will both be dismissed from the Kinder car line.

- Walkers will be dismissed through two designated locations, the gym and music room. Walkers MUST utilize the crosswalks with crossing guards.

- Parents must have the school provided car tag to pick up their student at the gym, or in a car line.

Save the Date

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Parents Night Out

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Easy Access Links

My SchoolBucks

Click here and you can add money to your child's lunch account easily!

Dr. Watkin's 2 Minute Drill

2 Minute Drill 9-5-19
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