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Padlet is considered to be a “virtual wall” in which the teacher and students can pin text, images, or files. In the article Five Ways to Use Padlet in the Classroom (2014), author Kassondra Granata highlights different uses Padlet can have no matter what the subject. Padlet provides a cooperative learning experience in which each student can ask a question, share an insight, or answer a prompt from the teacher.

In an Edsurge article entitled Three Tips to Pump Up Student Voice in You Classroom (2015) author Ami Turner lists Padlet as a resource that can support project-based learning as it “allows students to engage in group discussions by commenting virtually in real time”. Digital communication is becoming increasingly important in today's society, and Padlet is a tool that can enhance a students' skills.

If you've never used it before, watch this video tutorial from author Richard Byrne:

How to use Padlet


To give you a little more insight, I created a Padlet on gender stereotypes. After students learn about gender stereotyping, they can explore the web to find examples. As you can see in my Padlet, students can attach text, pictures, or video clips that display gender stereotyping to one virtual wall.

In the "title" section of each pin, students can type in their name or the name of their group. After every student or group pins, we could have a class discussion where each group discusses the examples they chose.

Check out my Padlet !


I challenge my fellow teachers (in all subjects) to implement this tool. Since Padlet is so versatile, any of the following techniques could work:

- Use as a brainstorming tool for students/groups to write down ideas

- Use as a way to assess prior knowledge on a topic

- Use as an exit slip for students to ask questions/state something they've learned

- Have students pin images or videos that reinforce concepts taught that day

- Use as an ice-breaker for the class or groups to share information with one another

Go ahead and try it!

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