Really Nike?

Nike workers are severely abused

What Workers Tell

Workers say that they are both physically and mentally abused. They have been kicked, punched, slapped, and shoes have been thrown at them. Who does this? The supervisors. The worst part is; no one does anything about this.

Brutal Hatred

One man was scratched and hit until he bled. The supervisors will slap the workers and even growl at them. A woman was fired after she was severely ill. She even came to work with a doctors note saying that she was excused from work. The boss of a Nike factory in Indonesia would call workers names like monkey or pig. A supervisor made multiple female workers stand in the blazing sun for hours after failing an order they were told to do. This is all true hatred.

Take An Act

Something needs to be done about this and it needs to be done fast. You can make petitions. Bring it up with government. Hand out flyers. Boycott Nike. Tell your friends! Do everything possible to stop this torture.