Eileen Lile Period 7

The Reason/Sodas Personality

The reason I chose Soda Pop is because I think he is chill. He doesn't have high expectations and he isn't very strict. He sticks up for his brothers and doesn't make this a big deal. In the book it states that he was always happy and is Ponyboys favorite brother. Soda's the middle child and sticks up to his big brother Darry.

What Sodapop looks like

Sodapop has black hair and has tan skin. His hair is a little less than shoulder length. In my opinion I think he uses WAY too much hair gel. Normal height of 5' 8" ish, but kind of slim. His eyes are a happy type of dark brown.

Things he does

Soda's the only person that isn't afraid of Darry (his older brother) and enjoys picking fun at him. He can make anyone smile even at the worst of times and he would never drink. He sticks up for his little brother when he is being picked on by the Socs, and without even trying he makes people on the streets stop and stare with awe. Soda enjoys getting dirty and going to the movies. He also works at the gas station.

Prized Possessions

I don't know for sure but I think Sodas prized possession is his younger brother Ponyboy. He always stands up for his brother to ANYONE who dares to pick on him.


Sodas relationship with his brothers is really good. They don't fight very much and they seem like good siblings.