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Get Google PR with ethical caching strategies

Before we go deep into SEO techniques, we must understand what Google PR means. Page Rank (PR) is defined as a method through which the Google describe the relevancy of the page. There are many factors, on which the website’s page rank depends but nobody knows how exactly the page rank is calculated by Google. Some people believe that there are Google algorithms on which the page rank depends and these algorithms are modified by the time. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to understand these algorithms but at the same time, we can use ethical techniques with the help of these techniques to bring traffic and for building page rank of the websites.

Google Page Rank

Quality Backlinks: The first and foremost method to bring traffic to your website is by acquiring top quality back links. To attain those quality backlinks, the websites need to be properly optimized and we must use the ethical SEO techniques called white hat techniques rather than using black hat techniques. The backlinks on the high PR sites passing the Penguin Update will drive huge traffic to your website and ultimately the PR.

Cognitive Content: The content that we are using for advertising our website must be unique and cognitive. The daily uploaded contents on the blogs must be informative so the user can gain some quality and relevant information from the website. Google always watches and determine these factors to drive traffic through content and this is however, the most powerful method to build PR.

Hyperlink: The website where you link is placed certainly gets some share of the traffic from that website and page rank plays a key role in acquiring traffic e.g. it is better to have 2 links on the website of PR 4 rather than having 10 links on PR 0 to PR 1. The more is the PR, and then more would be the trust of webmasters in the content of your website.

Once your website will start gaining traffic then you will get at least 5 hits from a single web page through a back link and this would ultimately mean to get 5000 visitors a day, thus keep on best technology backlinks and these backlinks will add traffic which will eventually build PR of your website.