October Sky Project

By. Madison Everett

My goal

My goal is to graduate high school and make it into college. (Preferably The University Of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan.) So I can be closer to my hometown of Flint Michigan.


This is my goal because if I graduate from college I will be the first college graduate of my family on my mom & dads side, and if I did attend college at The University Of Michigan my parents (especially my dad) would be extremely happy and proud because they grew up in Michigan as Wolverines (the U of M fan nickname.)


I will work really hard to make good grades in highschool as well as try and get as many scholarships as possible. I also applied for AVID this year so that I can be prepared for college by the end of highschool.


As soon as I get out of highschool I will hopefully begin my first year of college.


I would like to go to college either here in Texas where my mom and sister are, or in Michigan where I spent most of my time in elementary school and where my dad and a lot of other family is located. If I did attend college in Michigan I would like to go to UOfM (aka University Of Michigan.) Because I was raised as a fan of UofM.
"Explore Ann Arbor" -- The University of Michigan