8th Grade Badger Bulletin

September 19th

General School Information

Math Galileo testing runs this week. All Galileo should be completed by the end of the week if students have not yet finished.

Math Lab: Math lab will be up and running starting next week. It is held in the library and students can attend to receive support while completing any work after school until 4:15. Late buses do run that day as well.

Color Run: Join us October 2nd for the annual Badger Color Run! The entire community is invited to join the fun. Students can volunteer to help by talking to Korie Wawrzyn (room 306). The cost is $10 for ages 6-12, $20 ages 13 and up, and $30 the day of the event if not paid in advance.

October 28th: Look for more information coming to you regarding a costume competition!


Lawson: We are taking Galileo on Monday and Tuesday. We will review results from One-step Exit Slip on Wednesday and then proceed to two-step equations

Laufer: We are taking the Galileo test on Monday and Tuesday. Once that is complete we will continue to work on solving equations. Quiz early next week Monday or Tuesday.


2nd: Galileo Monday and Tuesday. Division of multi-digit numbers and moving into addition and subtraction of decimals.

5th: Galileo Monday and Tuesday. Working on reading and writing whole numbers through hundred millions.

9th: Galileo Monday and Tuesday. Working on changing between percents, fractions, and decimals.


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