Disadvantages of Using

Magnetic Therapy

Disadvantages of Using Magnetic Therapy

Over the last few years the uses of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets has become very popular and it reached its peak. Despite saying by so many experts that, there are no advantages by using magnetic therapy, but still many people believe that they are getting advantages by using Magnetic Therapy Accessories the pain caused by arthritis, migraines, stress and poor circulation etc. can be reduced by taking magnetic therapy.

Presently there is a question raised that, How safe the magnetic therapy is? This question arises because some users claim that they feel some minor, side effects like feeling hot or warm at the place where they are using the magnetic for the first few days. But the Magnetic Therapy Council, which is also known as MTC claims that, medical magnetic treatments have no side effects.

The major side effects of using magnetic therapy is, occasional rashes. Perhaps it is the most severe side effect also. Yet it is rare but few people found rashes or redness on their skin where the magnet has been placed. Also, after placing the magnetic in some user’s body, they admitted that they feel nautious.

Dr. Stephen Eidelson admits that, this side effects arise because of the fear of the user which is called as “psychosomatic side effects”. It means, the user is feeling insecure due to having the Magnetic therapy. This fear and insecurity may cause the increase of the pain in the affected area.

In the favor of wearing a magnetic bracelet one can not forsake conventional medicine. Presently it has become a booming business on the magnet based market. Everyone is advised that, before using magnetic accessories to reduce your pain first discuss with your physician.