Salem Witch Trials

By Cecilie, Sophia & Ameli


The puritans is a group of people, originally from England in the late sixteenth century . They were very religious and extremely Calvinistic Protestants. They believed that the universe was God-centered, and that all humans were born sinful and corrupt, and that they were rescued from dam nastic and was bound to Gods will. The Puritans wanted introversion, and they believed that they were the chosen people of God, and they wanted create a purified church. Puritanism was not an actually a historically specific phenomenon

What happened in Salem ?

In 1692 there was a group of young girls doing woo-do in the woods with an old indian woman named Tituba. Tituba was a black slave originally from Barbados. There was 12 young girls in the group. The important girls was Abigail, Betty and Marry.

One night when the girls was in the woods, dancing and doing woo-do things, Abigail's uncle and Betty's father came unexpected, Betty got so scared, that se couldn't wake up or move, she was in a trance. The girls agreed that they wouldn't tell the truth. If people were asking they said that they were just dancing and had some fun, but actually they were making witchcraft. Parris wouldn't ruin his reputation, so he hired a special priest from another village, to save Betty, and get rid of the witchcraft. Abigail didn't want to take the responsibility, so she lied, and said that Tituba was the guilty one. But after Tituba confessed, all of the other girls did too, they wanted to see God again, feel him again, and they all said, that they had seen Sarah Good and some of the other women in the village with the devil. All of the women got in the court, and were all arrested, even though that they were innocent. Some of them were hanged, and killed, but a few of them got saved, because they confessed.

What Caused the Witch hunts ?

All of it actually started because of Abigail and John Proctors affair. John ended their affair, and went back to his wife, Elizabeth and their three sons. Because of John's goodbye, Abigail went crazy. She wanted Elizabeth dead. Therefore she accused her, to be a witch, and told the court that Elizabeth had spoke to the devil, and made a woo-do doll, that should be Abigail. All of Abigail's friends believed in what she said, and followed her blindly.

So all of this madness, actually started because of unrequited love and because of blindly following traditions, and the norms of the society, and not questioning the authorities.