Ms. Ingle's Messages

5th Grade Science

Fifth grade made the news!

This week we had the privilege of working with a wonderful local stone mason and artist! Joe Dinwiddie joined our science classes for 3 days. He worked with students to create a permanent legacy for future students at Claxton. As a part of the 'Art Garden' along the Merrimon Avenue side of campus, three large boulders were carefully placed last year. Each boulder represents one of the three main types of rock originating on our planet (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic). Students enjoyed a variety of hands-on lessons including building a small stone bridge in class as well as designing, planning and carving the large slab of granite in the garden.

A few students were interviewed by our local news station (WLOS). Be on the look out for a link to the segment in next week's flyer! We will also be featured in the citizen times.

Current Science Focus:

For the next few weeks, we will be reviewing weather. Our focus will be on air pressure, winds, ocean currents and various types of weather fronts.

Song focus for this week:

Weather Fronts Song

Please contact me any time with questions, comments or concerns!

I am so happy to be settling in here at Claxton. I have had the honor of meeting many parents and am happily getting to know our fantastic group of students!