Yellowstone National Park

By McKenna Fisher


Yellowstone national park was established in 1872 as the first national park in America. The nature preserve is home to many different species of bear, wolf, bison, elk, and fish. The park is also the home to the majority of the world's geysers, including Old faithful. The park is a wonderful place to camp, take pictures, and make memories!!!

Lots of scenic views and animals!!

Climate and Weather

The climate in Yellowstone is often chilly in spring, with even a little snowfall, so you might want to bring a jacket. Most of the roads are open, so it will be safe to drive without tons of snow in way. Bears are coming out of hibernation, so it's good to be safe when hiking.

Transportation and Places to Stay!

Now that the roods to Yellowstone are open, it will be easier to travel to Yellowstone by car. You can also take a plane to the airport and drive the rest of the way. The Lake yellowstone hotel provides cabins, and a nearby resturant.


There are many different animals living in Yellowstone. Bears, wolves, rabbits, huge herds of bison, and many, many fish. All of these animals living in Yellowstone are protected. People are not allowed to hunt or fish, and the are designated areas for hiking. Since bears are now coming out of hibernation, you need to be bear safe. Stay in a group and make noise to let the bears know you are nearby.

How Yellowstone has changed......

Before Yellowstone was a park, the animals there were struggling to survive. Some species overpopulated, others were rarely seen. Soon, though, after Yellowstone was established, the bison herds and other species finally showed up, and people could now come and view them. Before, people could come and hunt, but now rules prevent hunters from hunting.