Nicoluas Copernicus


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General Knowladege

Nicolaus Copernicus was a doctor and a lawyer in trade aswell. He dieded from apoplexy and had paralysis. Before he dieded he pubilished a book showing diagrams of the planets orbits with the sun in the center and infact in was the very book that he used to map the sky. At the time it was an effence against every cherished belief, against learning, against the past and against the bible.

Nicolaus Copernicus was the man who answered questions which include what the univers looked like, how does it work and crushaly were are we in it.

It took 155 years for the world to accept his theory and by then everyone had forgotten who he was.

Date of Discovery

Nicolaus claimed he dicovered that the sun is in the center and the other planets revolve around it in the 1530's (about 4 weeks before he dieded). 85 years after Nicolaus Copernicus deth he had risen from the "foggoten people" list.

Technolegy Used

Nicolaus used no technolegy not even a telescope.

At the time there was nothing like the calculator or computoer or even the telescope and that makes his discovery even more amaizing.

This is all Nicolaus Copernicus had, and all that he drew in his book every night for 3 years.

Contribution to modern learning

Nicolaus Copernicus suggested that the earth revolves around the sun when everybody else believed it was the sun that revolved around the earth. It was impossibble to prove when others were posing the question "if the eath is spinning 24 hours a day why aren't people flying of the surface of the earth.