Southeast 5th Grade

January 15, 2016

Math--Topic 7: Dividing Decimals

As we begin the new quarter we are starting a new math unit. We will be combining our knowledge of decimals, division, and multiplying decimals by 10, 100, and 1,000 to divide whole and decimal numbers by decimals. We will spend about 2 weeks on this unit.

Just a reminder as we come back from a long winter break, it is very important for 5th graders to know their multiplication facts forwards and backwards in order to solve bigger multiplication and division problems. Keep practicing them every night!

English Language Arts

This week we continued to research for arguments. We completed our "On-Demand Writing" pretest. On this pretest, students get one class time to organize research, and another class time to write their article. It takes all that we do in the Workshop and smashes it into one class time. The pretest will help us to see what students need to focus on in our Workshop time, and also gives us an idea of what students do without any prompting or direction. We will conclude our unit in a few weeks with a post test to see the gains that students make in their writing.

We also used our research to debate our topics. Students really enjoyed showing what they had learned and forming their argument. At the end of the debate we have a class vote to see who won. Check with your child on their results!


In Science we are learning about the human impact on water resources. This week we will be in groups working in different areas on the impact humans have to our environment.

Social Studies

In Social Studies this week, we completed our movie trailers. I think that most students have a bigger appreciation for what it takes to create a movie now! We are always limited at school by time, and this project was no exception. Many didn't get their trailers quite to the point that they wanted, but that's okay. A lot of learning still took place. Students were able to reflect on the assignment so that I understood what they might have been able to do.

Today, we were all given a bag of Skittles (10) and then we learned about taxes. It is all blah, blah, blah when we learn about the Stamp Act, Townsend Acts, and other taxes until there are Skittles involved! Tensions run high very quickly when forced to pay taxes. We will be doing a lot of different simulations as we learn about the American Revolution, so don't forget to ask your child what they did in Social Studies today.


Monday, Jan. 18th, 12am

Southeast Elementary School, KCMO, MO, United States

Kansas City, MO

Remember that there is no school on Monday. Enjoy your MLK, Jr. Holiday!

Fifth Graders Working on Movie Trailers