Gifted and Talented Students

By Kaylee McDonald

Gifted & Talented

A gifted student is defined as a student who has a 130 or higher IQ from multiple tests.

How do I spot a gifted student?

It is important to look at all of the behaviors associated with a child to get them the proper teaching necessary. A gifted student may seem disruptive or easily off task at first when really, the child has finished their work early and is ready for more. Gifted students may as a lot of questions and catch on to information quickly. They usually retain information easily. They may think independently and express unique ideas.

Strategies for Gifted students in the classroom

*Incorporate Bloom's Taxonomy- upper 3 levels analysis, synthesis, and evaluation

*Allow them to discover the information rather than the teacher presenting it all

*Encourage Independent projects

*Find them a mentor who is in an area of study they enjoy

*Incorporate Multiple Intelligence into lessons

*Use Technology

"Gifted students may have already mastered 40-60% of their grade level content by the first day of school."

Celebrate the students differences to maximize learning!