16 Year Old Boy Bled To Death

By Razina Zhou

Bronx, New York- A young sixteen year old boy was found bleeding to death in a long alleyway a few minutes after midnight in the pouring rain.

Laura, a friend of the victim came looking for him after he'd been gone for awhile.

"He said he'd go pick up some cigarettes and he never came back," she said, sobbing. "I went to go look for him and when I found him, it was too late."

The victim was pronounced dead at 12:15am. He was found with a "Royals" jacket about a foot away from the body. The Royals are a well known gang around New York. Some people think this may have to do with the homicide. Investigators did not find a knife however they suspect he was stabbed between 11:30pm and midnight. Other clues have led police to finding a prime suspect.
Further investigations are to take place within the week. If you have any information at all about the situation, please contact the police as soon as possible.