The Raft

By Stephaine Stuve-Bodeen

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This book was taken place in the Hawaiian Islands inside a raft. It has alot of cliffhangers and really suspensful. The main characters in the book are Robie and Max. They get stuck on the raft together with no idea how to survive this harsh time. In this book they have to figure out how to survive the ocean together. They have to survive the ocean storms, sea animals, and havign a chance of dying.

Why Im Recomending This Book

This book kept me on my feet when I was reading this. It's also a quick read.

Audience Targeted

The Raft is a great book for pepople who like anventure, fiction, suspense, and thriller.

Why This Book Made Me Scream

This book made me scream so much. There is alot of suspence so you have no idea whats coming next.

More Reasons You Should Read This Book

This book is about a girl who gets stuck in the middle of the ocean with no one to help her, and no food other than a bag of skittles. So if this book seems up your alley read it!

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