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Many teachers have worked to help alleviate the amount of stuff in kids backpacks. Several kids are telling us that they just want to keep everything in their backpack. We've collected everything we're going to keep in the classroom at this point, so this might be a good time to go through your child's backpack and help them reduce the weight. Generally, kids will need a notebook for some of their classes, a folder for each class, their current math workbook, their planner, a book to read, and their Chromebook.


To help students remember to bring their IDs, we are asking students to put their IDs in their backpack at the end of 8th hour. That way, they know exactly where it is on their next in-person day.

Learning Logs and Agendas

Most teachers have made available to students a learning log or agenda slide. This is a comprehensive, running record of all the activities (both in person and asynchronous work) that students are completing. These documents are made available in Classroom and on the 6th grade Hub. Students can use this to verify the work that they are completing and/or access missing work from days they are absent from school.

Subject Updates - Language Arts

This week in Language Arts each class wrapped up their discussion of Literary Genres and dove headfirst into making strong inferences grounded in text evidence and prior knowledge. After participating in whole class instruction, and completing several station activities designed to help students develop exemplary inferences, students completed the Inference Formative Assessment. Students were reminded of the opportunity to retake formative assessments, and the retake policy was communicated via email to both students and parents/guardians. All necessary resources for initiating the retake process can be found on the Language Arts Google Classroom.

With inferences behind us, we will shift our focus to the Unit 1 kick-off, which addresses the question, "How Do You Build a Story?" Each week moving forward, students will conduct an in-depth analysis of several literary elements in preparation for the Unit 1 Reading Summative.

Subject Updates - Math

All math teachers are encouraging students to check HAC and the Learning Log as quiz scores and assignments are being recorded in HAC. If you see a 0 or a blank spot for an assignment, please complete that assignment and email your teacher with the assignment name that you completed.

  • 6th-grade math: We are continuing to move forward with our learning about shapes and efficient strategies for finding their area. This week's focus is on triangles
  • In Accelerated Math, we had our Mid Unit Assessment on Thursday. Grades will be in HAC ASAP

  • In AT/infinity Math, we are well into Unit 2 Constant of Proportionality (CoP) and we had our first quiz on Thursday /Friday this week. Look for results soon!

In addition, all workbooks for the school year (Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7) have been sent home. Please make sure these find a safe storage spot until we are ready to use them at school.

Subject Updates - Social Studies

In Unit 1: Physical and Human Geography, students will gain an understanding of the human-environment interaction in both ancient and modern North Africa and Southwest Asia through exploring the compelling question “How do humans and the environment affect each other?” In order to do that, we will start by studying the Neolithic Revolution, when 12,000 years ago, humans shifted from a lifestyle of hunting and gathering to one of agriculture and permanent settlement. This will guide our work for the next couple weeks.

Subject Updates - Science

Science students are beginning to investigate the human body systems. Specifically, we are exploring organs and structures of the human body along with their function. We go deeper into this topic by learning how each of these organs and structures interact together in each body system, which allows our entire body to function.

Questions, Concerns, Things You Want Us to Know??

This year, students will be challenged to grow in many ways and if they are willing to work hard, you will love the direction that this journey will take. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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