SINNsational 1st Graders

Welcome to Room 4


  • January 10 - Gayman Bingo Night at Tohickon (Mrs. Sinn will be one of the special callers later in the evening)
  • January 20 - NO SCHOOL/ Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • January 24 - Early Dismissal (11:55 AM)/ End of 2nd Marking Period
  • January 27 - NO SCHOOL for Students
  • February 3 - Report Cards Come Home


This week we read The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza) and we focused on the following skills:
  • using and identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution
  • identifying s-blends
  • writing a new title for the story The Little Red Hen (Makes a ___________)


We used the story Knuffle Bunny as our mentor text to help us write about a time we were either sad or mad. We discussed and practiced how to add more to our stories. We worked on trying to included 5 sentences, making sure each sentence was 5 star, include an ending/feeling sentence and use a minimum of 5 colors in our illustrations. Whew! That's a lot to remember but we are ready for the challenge!


This week we focused on the following skills:

  • using tens and ones to count
  • using the <, >, and = symbols to compare numbers
  • learning how to use our new math centers
**Tentatively, we'll be having our Unit 5 Math Assessment around January 24th.**


We used this week to learn about the three basic cloud types, make a flip book, and began to identify the clouds that were out out classroom windows with the help from our class meteorologist.

Apple of Our Eye

We loved learning about our very own Alex! It was so exciting to hear his mom read to us this week!