Super Awesome Weekly

By Maiyah, Vera, Ike, Luke, Sydney, Kavin

THE FORK by:Sydney

One day I was going down stairs to find a pencil for my homework.Then in the mirror there was a tweedy bird sound.Then Belle popped out.She told me that she was on a journey to find the lost fork.I know your reaction I had the same one. She said,"The fork jumped into the mirror in the middle of the princes dinner. Then told me she needs it so the feast can go on. We searched every were up stairs, down stairs, even in the book shelf ,but still no fork.

So I asked if it was the fork in her hair. IT WAS.So we went throw the mirror to go to the feast. She gave the prince the fork.Than the fork jumped out of her hand and into the pot. She looked in it ,but it was gone.She searched every were, but then said,"I know who to call ghost busters now wrong story I mean I am going throw the mirror.""Maiyah,"Belle said.I have another problem the fork...."Look up."said Maiyah There is it it's on your head. catch it! catch it! stop it's scared. Then it jumped in my hands. I said goodbye to the fork and Belle OK doesn't that sound weird.

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How to Make a LAVA LAMP Easy Kids Science Experiments

Ordering Adjectives

Ordering adjectives is used when you have two or more adjectives to describe a noun. The order goes number, opinion, size, shape, age, color, origin, material, purpose. For example, if the noun is wheel, and the adjectives are black, large, and old you would need to put them in order. The order would be the large, old, black wheel. Ordering adjectives makes your grammar b etter, so it is important to learn.

Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar - Unpack Your Adjectives Music Video

By: Vera Lee

All Dwarf Planets Should Make a Stand.

I think that Pluto should be a planet because it orbits the Sun. Even though there are other space objects that are bigger than Pluto but they don’t orbit the Sun. I also think that all those other dwarf planets should become planets too. I think all things that orbit the sun deserve to be planets because they are small but are big if you’re on it so, yeah.

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Verb Rap