India Hook Treasure Map

September 19, 2014

Dates to Remember

Monday, Sept. 22
  • PTA fundraiser Go Play Save
  • Morton to WU
Tuesday, Sept. 23
  • 3:00 Faculty meeting
  • Go Play Save Fall PTA fundraiser
  • GBE conferences begin (goals aligned to SIP and superintendent goals)- Please bring your Mac with draft of form ready.
Wednesday, Sept. 24
  • Go Play Save Fall PTA fundraiser
  • Dental Van
  • Ellisor to WU
  • GBE meetings continue
Thursday, Sept. 25
  • Picture Day (see email from Glenda)
  • GBE meetings continue

Friday, Sept. 26

  • 8:30 Terrific Kid
  • Staff appreciation lunch- Soups Served on Stage- Please advise parents that visitation space will be closed for this purpose.
  • GBE meetings continue

Important Information for October 13

All certified staff will have meetings/PD on Oct. 13. Everyone expected to attend. No planned absences, please.

Happy Birthday!

Sept. 21 Carole Cosper
Sept. 24 Debi Graf
Sept. 26 Bryndle Bottoms (intern)

Speed of Trust Reading Plan

By October 21 read p. 1-40.
By November 18 read p. 41-90.
By December 16 read p. 91-124.
By February 17 read p. 125-184.
By March 17 read p. 185-229.
By April 21 read p. 230-232 "Create an Action Plan"
By May 19 read p. 233-284 "Stakeholder Trust"


You now have unlimited access to Flocabulary's library of educational hip-hop songs, videos and lessons through 10/10/2015. Click this link to begin your Flocabulary subscription:

If your school purchased student access, you will receive student login information after registering your teacher account.

Middle School Scheduling Calendar for 2015-16 School Year

2014-15 Dates

6th Grade Major Dates

Jan. 12 Mobley sends Parent Orientation information to ES counselors.

Jan. 8 Mobley mails Parent Orientation cards to homes of 5th graders.

Feb. 2 MS administrators make calls to remind parents of meeting.

***Feb. 5, 6:00 Rising 6th grade night at all middle schools

March 4, 8:15 am MS counselors meet with Mobley (bring computers) to finalize 6th-8th grade selection sheets and deliver paper for 6th: ST-yellow, DC-orange, RR-pink, S-blue, CH- green. Ralyea begins print process.

March 16-20 Elementary PT/AP’s review Advanced Appeal Form with 5th grade teachers.

March 20 Print Shop returns printed 6th grade course selection sheets to MS counselors.

March 26 Teachers put daily class performance in Power School for 3rd quarter report card.

March 26, 2:00 MS counselors distribute course selection sheets to ES counselors and set dates for visits to schools.

Mar. 27-31 ES teachers make recommendations on 6th grade course selection sheets, and ES counselors do classroom guidance. ES foreign language teachers make written recommendations for beginning and advanced level courses. Use Advanced Appeal Form and FALL or SPRING (if available) MAP scores to recommend advanced courses. ES assistant principals/program teachers review spring MAP scores in May and make course adjustments if needed.

April 7-10 5th grade students take home course selection sheets.

April 9, 10:30 Middle school principals’ staffing meeting

April 10 Students return course selection sheets to ES counselors.

April 25 ES counselors deliver course selection sheets to MS counselors.

June 11 Final appeals for advanced courses are due to ES principals.

7th & 8th Grade Major Dates

March 4 MS counselors finalize 7th & 8th course selection sheets (see above).

March 6 MS counselors email finalized course selection sheets to Mobley and deliver colored paper to printing office. Ralyea begins print process.

March 13 Print Shop returns printed 7th & 8th course selection sheets to schools

March 16-20 7th & 8th teachers get course selections sheets for recommendations

March 23-27 Classroom guidance for rising 7th & 8th students, and course selection sheets go home with students.

March 27 Students return course selection sheets to counselors.

May 9 MS counselors complete entry of all requests in Power School.

June 11 Final appeals for advanced courses are due to MS principals.

***Rosters of Choice and Transfer students are needed by schools by April 1.

Dr. Pew's Goals for RHSD 3

A. Instruction and Academic Achievement:

1. Increase the graduation rate to 88% on or before 2019.

2. Increase the passage rate of EOC assessments and mean scores as follows:

COURSE NAME 2013-2014

Scale Score Mean





Scale Score Mean



Percentage Passing



FOR THE TECHNOLOGIES 2 82.04 88.3 83.04 89.30


BIOLOGY 2 81.23 77.94 82.23 79.35

ENGLISH 1 78.58 79.6 79.86 80.68


CONSTITUTION 75.33 68.48 77.26 71.78

3. Meet or exceed the 2011 Northwest Education Association national norms on the

reading and math portion of the Measure of Academic Progress assessment in

grades K-8.

4. Increase the percentage of students reading on grade level, as measured by

Fountas and Pinnell by the end of 3rd grade to 95% on or before 2019.

5. Increase the mean scale score in science and social studies on the South Carolina

state assessment.

B. Implement Professional Learning Communities district wide to expand relevant

professional development within the district as measured by a pre and post

assessment and review of Professional Learning Community meetings and


C. Finance

1. Develop a balanced budget for the FY 16 that supports the school district’s

mission and vision for student achievement.

GBE Dates

By September 24 Conduct GBE Orientation

Declaration of Intent Forms submitted to Personnel

(Teachers who are new-to-district or first time on

GBE evaluation)

October 10 Goal Consensus by Administrator and Teacher

By January 26, 2015 Conduct Progress Conference to review goals

Competence-Building GBE develop, if necessary

March 10-March 19 Review final progress of educators

By March 20 Annual Review of GBE Performance

GBE Form completed and submitted to Personnel

By April 15 Teachers who do not meet and/or are unsuccessful in

their GBE (R & D or CB) Goals and are being

recommended for formal evaluation must be notified

in writing by the Executive Director of Personnel.

By May 1 Complete GBE Survey

MAP Testing Dates

K-2 - Oct. 7- 28 (will take 2 ELA and 2 Math)
3-9 - Sept. 9-30 (will take Reading, Language, and Math)

Grade Book

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