Gender and Identity

Exploration of a Tomboy Female


In public I don't talk much, the only way would be talking about same interests or ideas.
At home it's completely different. I might still not talk much with my parents, but I know I can be mostly myself at home. The internet is also a good place to be one's self, so I also use that.
In all I am a tomboy female with a male like mindset; though I still have a bit of that kind interior that females are SUPPOSE to have.


Back when I was a kid I always hanged out with my male cousins, I grew up with them, so I grew up thinking I was one of the guys. Slowly growing up I learned that girls were suppose to wear dresses, skirts and look pretty. I never liked dresses and skirts so that made me uncomfortable.
I told my parents of my dislike for girly things, and they understand, somewhat.