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Promoting mental wellness in the ACS community

January is Mental Wellness Month

What is mental wellness?

Mental wellness is an internal resource that helps us think, feel, connect, and function; it is an active process that helps us to build resilience, grow, and flourish.

Mental wellness is a dynamic, renewable, and positive resource. It is an active process that requires initiative and conscious action. It recognizes mental wellness as an internal experience that encompasses multiple dimensions:

Mental: How we think; how we process, understand, and use information.

Emotional: How we feel; how we manage and express our emotions.

Social: How we connect; our relationships with others.

Psychological: How we act or function, or how we “put the pieces together" from external and internal experiences.

credit: Global Wellness Institute

Big picture

❄️ Mental Wellness at ACS🧣

How do we promote mental wellness in our school system?

  • Daily use of Rhithm, an app that helps students and staff monitor their overall wellbeing via daily wellness check-ins
  • Classroom lessons led by school counselors that teach students strategies and skills to promote wellbeing, such as making healthy choices, communicating effectively, calming down when angry or anxious, and resolving conflict
  • Aggie Advocates provide academic, social, and emotional support and connect students and families to needed community resources
  • ACS Foundation's Ready to Learn program provides clothing, shoes, hygiene supplies, and other items for students in need and promotes mental wellness by meeting physical needs
  • Therapy dog visits
  • Uprise Health newsletters and services available to ACS employees to inform and promote mental wellness
Virtual Calming Room

Here's a list of videos and links that can help you regain your sense of calm

Brain Breaks for Teachers - Teacher Wellness Tips

🧣 The Aggie Advocacy Center ❄️

The Aggie Advocacy Center promotes social and emotional well-being among Albertville City Schools' students, families and staff by connecting students and families to resources that meet their physical and emotional needs. Our team of Aggie Advocates work in coordination with school counselors to identify and support students in need of additional resources. Aggie Advocates encourage and support students at each school through in-person conversations, activities, and mentoring. We partner with the Albertville City Schools Foundation's Ready to Learn program to provide clothing and shoes for students in need and to meet other specific student needs. We also partner with Shepherd's Cove Hospice to provide in-school grief counseling to students who have experienced the death of a loved one, as well as Mountain Lakes Behavioral Healthcare to provide school-based mental health counseling. Both grief counseling and in-school mental health counseling require parent/guardian permission to participate. While most services are provided within the school buildings, the center provides a comfortable setting for families to discuss their needs and available resources. It is located at 202 East Alabama Avenue in Albertville.

Kristi Rains, NBCT, LPC

Counseling & Mental Health Services Coordinator

Albertville City Schools