Become President Today!


The requirements of being President

To be president you must be a natural born citizen of the US for 14 years or more, and you must be 35 years or older.

Powers granted to you by the constitution
Executive Power: You are granted a broad amount of power under the executive branch

With your executive powers, one them is a veto, a veto allows the president to kill a bill they disagree with as long congress has provided a solution.

Commander and Chief: You are the supreme commander of the US army and have official say in final affairs of the military

Executive Privilege: You have the right to withhold information from the public.

Benefits: You get private security

A personal Chef

You get to travel around the world

You get to live in the White House

On average you will be paid 400,000 dollars per year

DISCLAIMER: Security is not held responsible for any attempts on your life.

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