Albert Einstein's Obstacles

A biography and story of how Einstein overcame adversity


Einstein was born in Ulm,Germany on March 14 1879.He went to school at the Luitpold Gymnasium but after moving to Italy he went to Aarau.In school he would get in trouble because of strict teachers. He couldn't speak until the age of four. Some teachers thought he wouldn't amount to much.

He then exceeded in studies and took a teaching job in Winterthur. However due to his father's company not getting a contract he moved to Italy in 1894.

Later in his life he trained as a teacher in Swiss Federal Polytechnic School.He got his diploma and Swiss citizenship in 1901,but couldn’t find a position.

Einstein conducted studies and came up with new ways to solve problems and physics with own method of solving things.Later on he made his own theories from the law of mechanics and electromagnetic field.Einstein later moved to America because of antisemitism in 1940.He dies on April 19 ,1955 in Princeton New Jersey.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."- Albert Einstein


A few of Einsteins accomplishments are:

-The Nobel Prize in Physics

-The Copley Medal of Royal Society

-The Max Planck Medal


He had a character vs. society conflict. He has this conflict because teachers and others believed he asked too many questions and wasn’t gonna learn. They thought he wouldn't learn or amount to much.


He used his imagination to make up questions and theories. He used different method and tried to test out his theory and ended up revolutionizing science.

Extra Information

  • Einstein used a doctor's note to leave school and go with his family to Italy.

  • He mastered calculus by the age of 15.

  • Einstein hated socks.
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Life Theme

A life theme for Einstein would be to use imagination and go a different direction. This is because instead of doing regular methods he questioned the world around him. With that he came up with new theories and found out more contributing to science.

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