Junkins Express

Week of January 11th

All that and a Bag of Chips!

All that and a bag of chips goes to....

Ms. Garland for helping PTA collecting box tops, earning the campus $165. Thank you!

Ms. Barringer for handling discipline immediately!

Ms. Winners and Ms. Cessnun for creating such a welcoming environment for our new student!

EEI Science Training & $75 Voucher

Interested in having a UNT master teacher provide a conservation/recycling lesson? These are TEK based lessons that you have the option of having a master teacher teach or co-teach with you. We have few teachers that have taken advantage of this opportunity! Please click her to sign up. http://dallaseei.org/

If our campus opts in for co-teaching, we are able to become EEI Certified and may have an opportunity to get a project funded on our campus. This would be great with already having a Real School Garden!

How to purchase items with your $75 voucher

1. Please review the 4 websites, before submitting your evaluation.
2. Copy and paste items in a word document so that you can paste it back on the voucher.
3. As soon as you submit your evaluation, you are required input your selection, which is why you should paste items on a separate document so you have as a reference.
4. Specific directions are also provided on the website.

Remember to choose hands on materials or literacy material. This is due by January 19th.

Contact Dr. Rudi Thompson at rudi@unt.edu if you have any additional questions or special circumstances (like purchasing as a grade level).

Interested in coaching volleyball???? Please see Mrs. Davidson!


We have funding for tutoring. Please, please let's come together to help our teammates. We have students that really need additional support after school or even on Saturdays. Our upper grades would really appreciate some of their students being tutored. Rochelle and Stephanie have a tutoring/Saturday school schedule. Please let them know if you are interested!

Let's help a neighboring school...

A fellow principal is doing a "gently used" collection of warm clothing for a school that was severely impacted by the tornadoes in Rowlett. With the cold weather, the students are in need. If you have anything you would like to donate, please share with Ms. Davidson. Thank you.

Preparing our Students for the 21st Century

As you know, before the Christmas break we worked on our social skill ‘how to respond to an adult’. We will continue that skill into next week. Please replay the attached video….a few guiding questions for you to ask your students after watching the clip:

1. How do you think adults will feel if you respond using ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’ when asked a question?

2. Where are places outside of school you think this would be a good practice for?

3. Who are people at Junkins you can get in the habit of responding to in this way?

4. How can this help you as you get older in dealing with adults when trying to get a job or interview for a college?

Reponding to an Adult | Jerry Junkins Elementary

M-O-Y Assessments

ISIP: (Ends January 27th) Today (Friday) is the last day to let Stephanie know if she should reserve time for you in the computer lab. Remember, students will need to be monitored properly so that they do their best on ISIP.

DRA : (Students below reading level) Please let Stephanie know if you need her help or DRA kits!!!

M-STAAR: Window opens January 11th and will close February 12th. Please contact Rochelle if you need assistance.

Intervention Plans for Failing Students

Remember to submit the intervention plan for students that failed the 3rd six week to Ms. Winners so that she updates the binder. This is also a great talking piece when you meet with parents for conferences.

Work Room!

Our campus is looking cleaner and cleaner! Also in the news...Cindy is back! Yay!!!

I do need your help with the work room. Please, if you borrow appliances, do not leave them on the counter. Put them away. Please keep our common areas clean. Remember, if there are any cleanliness/maintenance issues you notice, let us know immediately!


*Jean Week 11th-15th (those that submitted survey completion to Ms. Blanco.)
Campus-wide PD
*Please bring any writing artifacts (including math, science, or ss) you'd like to share when we collaborate.
*If you attended the Job Alike PD for writing, please bring the artifacts from the training.

Tuesday-Extended Planning for DDI (K-2)/GLC Meeting After-school

Kinder: 12:40-2:00

1st: 11:30-1:05

2nd: 9:50-11:25


4th: 9:40-11:15

5th: 1:15-2:55


3rd: 8:45-10:15

Parent Conference Week

Upcoming Events

January 12th-14th: Parent Conferences and Wave 2 DTR app deadline (by noon)
January 18th: MLK Jr. Day
January 21st
: PTA Meeting (3rd grade students perform)
January 25th: Progress Reports Issued

Morning Duty

Gym: Poveda, Bear, Rodriguez

Auditorium: Saucedo, Campuzano, Jones
Cafeteria: Martinez/Ricoy
*TAs are in their permanent assignment (Please see schedule)

Morning Announcements

Character word of the week is respect. Please send your 3-4 students with a sentence using the word respect. Please see announcement script on Google.

Jerry Junkins Elementary


Jerry Junkins seeks to be a premier elementary school by creating global citizens through setting and achieving high expectations for students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive culture for the twenty-first century learner to reach their academic destination and become productive citizens of the world.