Personal Hygiene for the Kitchen

Katie Bean

What is Kithcen Personal Hygiene?

Clay County Food Code:

  • Food employees shall keep their hands and arms clean
  • Food employees shall keep their nails trimmed and maintained
  • Food employees are not permitted to wear jewelry

After touching raw foods such as, eggs and meat, always wash your hands. When in doubt wash it out! To prevent the spreading of illnesses stay away from the kitchen when your sick and cover cuts and wounds. To find more about the Clay County food Code go to

What not to do in the kitchen/health and safety - Jamie Oliver's Home Cooking Skills

Interview with Lisa Bean- Former employee at Chuck E. Cheese

What personal hygiene rules did you follow when working at Chuck E. Cheese?

Always wash your hands, no jewelry, don't touch the pizza on tray; keep hand under tray.

How did personal hygiene effect what you wore to work?

We wore uniforms but I always wore my hair up.

Did your boss stress personal hygiene at work?

Yes, he would send you home or give you an extra work shirt if stained with food.

How would you handle it if you saw one of your co-workers not following the personal hygiene rules?

Address the supervisor of the situation and make sure it's fixed.

Did you do any training for personal hygiene at work?

Yes, after I got hired we watched a video and had to read a one page paper over the personal hygiene rules.

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