Author's Name:Ernest Hemingway

By:Amber Reynolds

Facts about Ernest Hemingway

During World War one Ernest Hemingway served in the Red Cross foundation.
Ernest Hemingway got married 4 times in his whole life time.
Hemingway's mother kept him out of school a whole year to learn to play the cello.
In high school Ernest Hemingway nice;but after a lot of matcha had a permanent eye injury.
When he went to sign up to fight in World war 1 he was denied because of his eye injury.
During World War 1 he joined the Italian infantry and was inspired to right A Farewell To Arms.
He liked to portray soldiers, hunters,and bull fighters.
He has 13 nicknames (maybe more) but a lot of people only know Papa.
He was awarded the bronze star for his bravery while under fire in World War 2.
During World War 2 Hemingway was a War correspondent.
When Ernest was younger his mom wanted a girl so she dress him up like he was her daughter.
He was a reporter for the Toronto Star in Canda.
He took his pregnant wife to a bullfight thinking it will toughen up his unborn son.
In 1926 he published his first novel "The Sun Will Also Rise."
He hunted and killed more animals then Ted Migrant.
He owned a six toe cat.
He would catch fish by shooting them in the sea.
Ernest Hemingway survived through anthrax,malaria,pneumonia,dysentery,skin cancer,hepatitis,anemia,diabetes,high blood pressure ,two plane crashes,a ruptured kidney,ruptured spleen,ruptured liver,a crushed vertebra,a fractured skull,and more.
His parents were often scared by their son's work because of his super religious views.
Hemingway bought the gun he committed suicide with at Abercrombie and Fitch.

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