Riley Lowe

loves pugs and loves melanie martinez

My Town

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The Bank

I was reading the newspaper one day and I saw that some body robbed a bank. It didn't say, but I knew I had to figure out who did it. Someone said they saw somebody suspicious at the park. When I went there I found a lock of hair. It had to be the person's hair who committed the crime. I used it as D.N.A and i know who it was. The hair was two feet away from the next clue at the hospital. The clue was that he was a doctor and he had a patient there. I talked to patient. He said that the doctor went to the school. I went to the school but then he left. He left a book that had D.N.A. on it. Two feet away there where foot prints that led to Freddy Frazebears Pizzaria which was fourteen feet away and there was some saliva left on his food. Then I went back to the lab to look at the D.N.A. and it all was Noah's. It all made sense now. I arrested Noah, and took the money back to the bank. The end.