Mustang Tech Update: Week 19

Raymond Academy's B-Weekly Update on Everything TECH!

How's your Projector Doing?

Projectors are one of the MOST important tools you have and use in your classrooms daily. Without them you would be writing on the white boards or in some cases the chalkboard...(where can you buy chalkboard chalk from these days?)

Projectors are extremely fragile and expensive pieces of electronic equipment. By taking proper care of your projector, you can greatly prolong its lifespan and can make sure that it will perform at its optimal level without fault. Performing regular maintenance on all the various parts of your projector, such as the projector filters, projector lens, and projector lamp will ensure that you are always displaying the best quality image possible to you and your students!

Here are a few ways you can EXTEND the life of your classroom projector:

  • Clean your projector filter. Every Friday, remove the filter, rinse with water and let air dry to remove all dust. Re-install the filter upon your return on Monday morning!
  • Keep the area around your projector clear paper, debris, or any other object that might cause blockades around the projector. Any papers, containers, etc., can cause your projectors to overheat.
  • When not being used (during the school day), make sure the projector is in standby mode--not on, or (after school) turn the projector completely off. The lamps (the bulb) have a life that is timed by the projector. When they extend their life (even when not in use), they die. :(

Please help your iTech extend the life of these very expensive projectors, by following these simple steps daily!

We are at 100%!!!

This is just a HUGE thank you to each of you for helping Raymond Academy complete the STaR Chart! We were one of the first schools to reach 100% completion. It may seem small to you but I understand your time is precious and I truly appreciate you all giving up a tiny bit to me!

Did YOU check out how to Check Out???

Checking out the Computer Lab

You are now in a place this school year where you need to multi-task...all these tests (TPRI, TELPAS, Running Records, ETC., ETC., ETC...) Your students still need to complete progress monitoring and they also need interventions, right?

How about you bring them to the computer lab? Here's a few reasons you might want to reserve the lab:

  • Your students can get practice on some of these great programs (ThinkThroughMath, FASSTMath, iStation and Imagine Learning to name a few)
  • You can pull your small group and work with them while the class is actively participating on( you can pull even more data on)
  • You are less stressed and will be excited to see students making progress!
  • The students will have fun learning via fun, digital games!

How's this sounding...Am I selling the computer lab to you? You think you might want to give it a shot? Click this link to reserve a spot!

Just a few minor details...

  • You must reserve at least 24 hours before you need it.
  • Each slot is for 30 minutes unless no one RSVPed for the slot after you.
  • Your appointment will post to your Google Calendar and even send you a nice reminder!

Don't forget: GRADES are DUE Friday, February 6th!

Checking out Mobile Devices at Raymond Academy

A few of you have checked out the Chromebooks here at Raymond this school year and I have seen that you REALLY enjoyed them! Several of you have heard or even seen teachers using these devices in their classrooms and have asked, "Is it just for them?" and "How can I check out devices for my students?". Hopefully this article will answer those questions and more.

I'm in the process now of working with Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Bishop on a checkout system for the Chromebooks and the iPads (did you know we had iPads available for student check out?) The Chromebooks and iPads can be checked out by any grade level. However, these devices will not be able to be checkout as a class set anymore. As a campus, we will share the wealth. Starting the week of February 16th, a calendar will be available for you to check out the Chromebooks or the iPads for your students!

One more thing: in order to check out these devices, you will need to attend a REQUIRED mini-session on using Mobile Devices. It will take place during your conference or after school. Dates TBA. Also, note that due to limited wireless access, there will be a discussion about sharing the device. (The wireless access point can cover multiple classrooms in the building and two in the portables.)

OMGosh--Where's my iTech?

You guys are really busy but when you need me I try to be there. Well, this week (Feb. 2-6th) I will be off campus attending TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Conference in Austin, Texas! I will bring back lots of goodies and lots of new technology applications to can help you and your students!

If you need me, email me (I will check at least once a day). If you need assistance or advice or some trouble shooting of any kind, send me a message via Google HangOuts...I can be reached here day and night!

You can also ask the Raymond Tech Crew: Ms. Grodecki, Mr. Marter, Mrs. Noonan, or Ms. Austin for assistance...If they don't know, they know how to reach me!

I can still put in tech request with our technician, Desmond as well...I have you all covered!

See you in a week!

Have a Tech Request? Click HERE!

Don't forget, it won't be fulfilled until the week of February 10th.

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