That's a Wrap

May 26th, 2021

Oh What a Year!

What a journey the 20-21 school year has been. From start to finish it was a never ending time of change. We were proud of our students and staff. Their flexibility and attitude made this year! Following are some links to celebrations we had at MIS.

The Band celebrated as a whole group for the first time in May. The following is a snip it of the amazing band!

Choir students were able to share with their fellow classmates some of the songs they had been working on this year. It was magical!

All As

And to end the year...Pie the APs...

Some end of the year information follows: Grades will be finalized today and the final report card can be accessed through the parent portal in Teams. Teams can be accessed via the website. Go to parent/students, then go to parent self serve (on the right), then scroll down to sign in, if you have an account, or scroll down to register to create an account. You can then view or print the report card.

If you are unable to access your child's report card, please call the school by Friday and ask to speak to Mrs. Evans.

Below are some of the pictures from our last days. They include the celebration of Mrs. Wilke's retirement, our teachers, in costume, celebrating the students final units of study, and most importantly, the celebration of all students and their hard work with a wrap party.