Water Week

Big Blue Summer Week 6

Staff Highlight: Fiona Murphy- Assistant Aquatics/ Assistant Camp Director

Fiona is no newbie at Big Blue Summer - now in her third season, Fiona’s role has grown from Assistant Director of Aquatics to helping the camp on all fronts. A recent graduate of the University of San Diego and former coxswain for the Toreros rowing team, Fiona’s athleticism and competitive drive are evident in her work ethic. Organizing and planning swim rotations as well as coming up with new games and activities that follow the themes of each week get Fiona pumped! “I love watching the kids accomplish goals, from getting over their fear of the pool to passing there deep water test. We get to watch them grow and become more independent,” says Fiona on her camp experience.
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C - Curiosity- All Ways Water

How many ways do you use water in a week? All forms of water were part of the fun at Big Blue Summer this week. Campers had a “snow day” with artificial snow and “snowball” fights. The Minis enjoyed learning about water flow with Miss Eileen's water wall. During Nature Studies, campers dove into the details of condensation and how it contributes to our atmosphere. With the help of our specialty counselors and teachers, Big Blue Summer campers spent the week embracing the importance of water in our everyday lives.
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O - Openness- Drama Games

Opening up to perform in front of others is no easy task, but campers get the opportunity to test these waters each week during Drama Games. “Drama games give the campers opportunities to be silly and not judge one another in the many games we play”, says drama games leader Claire Fitzpatrick. When acting in drama games, students get the chance to take on new personas while getting comfortable with thinking outside the box. Campers dove into the fun while writing and acting out stories about water this week. Our most enthusiastic campers also open themselves up to an audience each week, performing in our camp’s weekly talent show!
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D - Dedication- Archery Challenges

Our campers were excited to try their hand at archery this summer, and many have been steadily improving their marksmanship through dedicated effort. For campers who choose to participate in archery during electives time each week, lead teachers help provide them with challenging exercises to help them grow in their skill. As campers have progressed, they’ve been challenged to perfect their aim from further distances, and to control their shots into tight groupings. Our campers’ dedication has allowed them to execute more advanced drills each week.

E - Enthusiasm- Waterslide Excitement

Water week would not have been complete without splashing down a waterslide. Campers screamed with glee when they caught sight of the thirty-foot water slides and slip-and-slide racetrack. The inflatables provided a safe and fun way to play with water outside of the pool. Water Week at Big Blue Summer has become a staff and camper favorite. While cultivating enthusiasm in counselors and campers alike, the water slides built camaraderie between different bunks as campers cheered one-another down the slope.
Week 6 water week
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H - Honor- Swim-a-thon

This week, campers swam laps across the pool to raise funds in support of Raritan Headwaters, an organization that works to protect our local water supply. Campers swam laps with the knowledge that the further they swam the more they were contributing to a good cause. Each camper who was participating showed every bit of honor exceeding their own personal expectations in a selfless way. You may drop off your sponsorship contribution to the camp office or donate directly to Raritan Headwaters or another water organization of your choice.

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