By:Clarissa Cruz

Reform Key Events

The reform movement was kind of a social movement that aim to make gradual change.Yhe women had a reform movement for there rights they want to do more then be at home while the men went to work after women fought for there rights they got them a few years later. There was even movement in the parliament misistry took as important step in the direction of tariff reform with the abolition of the Corn law.

Reform Important Roles

The reform movement was the second great awakening. There was 4 main movements at the time and they were prison, women's right,temperance, and education reform prison reform Dorothea Dix help all the prisoners read and write. Women's suffrage was the movement was when women want to be equal with men and have there right to vote. The temperance movement when women were against alcohol because women argued that men were spending all their money on alcohol. And then there is education only families with money could go to school and the poor families remained uneducated.
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Reform Government

While America was undergoing an "era of good feeling" there were many problems lying under the surface. These social ills were attacked many social reformers.At that time the city governments were often political machines run by bosses. These bosses were sometimes dishonest and tried to make money from being in office. The federal government did little to control business.
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