By: Mike Lupica

Character analysis-Miguel/Micheal Arroyo

Michael is from Cuba. His family sailed to America.His favorite baseball player is El Grande. They now live in the Bronx but...his father died and his mother died earlier in his life. And, now he lives with his brother who is only seventeen years old. They live in the Bronx with plenty of secrets to hide. He loves Baseball and the Yankees. As a baseball pitcher he is quiet the prodigy because he can throw eighty miles per hour and is only twelve. But it only gets worse as somebody questions his age because he can hit eighty when he pitches and is only twelve. Now that people are asking questions will their secret be safe?

Prodigy- "You got some arm kid," the cop said. "That's what they tell me," Michael said (p.5).

Secrets " It was the All-star team from the Bronx that Michael's left arm was supposed to take his team to Williamsport in a few weeks. As long as he didn't get found out first(page7-8)."


Miguel, or Michael constantly has to work hard to make it look like he is living a regular life with his parents and not just his brother. He knows that if it is discovered that his parents are dead he will be split from his bother. If he is split from his brother he will not get the chance to play his dream sport and do what he is really good at.

"A perfect summer day when it was as if Michael could hypnotize himself, make himself believe that everything would work out alright, that the Clippers would make it to Williamsport, that he and Carlos wouldn't be found out before Carlos turned eighteen(p. 57)."


The story takes place in the Bronx. This is a good setting for the story because the Bronx is a baseball haven for the skilled team of the New York Yankees. "It was still only tow o'clock, two hours from when El Grande would pitch against the Red Sox, but already you could see more traffic getting off the Deegan above them, see the whole area around the stadium coming to life, as it always did on game day(p. 16)."
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I would recommend this book to people who like baseball because that is what the book is about.Also it tells you about how you can't give up or you will just be the person sitting out. The author does a good job of making you feel as if you are going through the struggles with Michael and that you are a part of the game.
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